We are incredibly fortunate to have a vast green area surrounding our homes in an increasingly crowded and overpriced London, and only by sharing and using it well, will be able to keep the constantly returning spectre of redevelopment at bay.

We are finally at the second stage of our exciting new project.
Before we all jump in and plant things everywhere, it’s probably best we get some kind of plan together, so that we are all aware of what’s best for the project and we are not each inventing the wheel.
There are many years of fun to be had especially if we get the foundation right.

We will be having a community gardener coming to help us put a solid plan together and it’s really important we get things ready for the kids to really jump in during the summer holidays.
So far we have shane, fiona, alan, gil and the twins, simon and ben, (who is a trained landscape gardener latin names and all). Let’s keep talking and by the summer we should all be clear whats what and things will be growing nicely.
Please sign up on the form below just so we can get started..

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  1. As a resident of Lancaster Court for over 20years I feel we were not informed about what we could and could not do in regards to the new garden areas.
    I feel that we should have been given letter\ leaflets through the doors inviting the people who live here the chance of doing planting of flowers and veg before those from surrounding areas were given the go ahead to do this.
    Although this is a lovely space and a very good idea it seems that residents from the surrounding areas had more information than we did and we are the ones who live on the estate.
    As far as monthly meetings go not all residents can attend them I for one work in Hampshire and leave my house at 7am and don’t get back until 7.30 – 8.00pm at night.
    I look forward to your response on this matter at your earliest convenience.
    Kind regards
    Fiona Angus

  2. hi fiona
    simon here , also a resident for over 20 years.

    All of us on the tra committee work full time… I’m working now but taking time out to answer your email and post it here.

    The new areas are a community garden paid for with public money, and therefore everyone in our community are welcome to contribute.
    I’ve not had time to write a pamphlet or letter or anything yet, but have we have managed to get the gardens built after a three year effort. It’s a good start.
    Its here for the long haul and I’m hoping we will all work together to make it as we want it, and by next year we hope to have everyone digging, planting, weeding, having a chat, or just hanging out. We can have a real precious place where we can all meet and see what we can do next in our communal areas, get to know each other, picnic, play.
    How would you like the garden to be run and can you help us do it?
    Perhaps you can put some ideas and post them on the website?

    No one is more informed than any others, except by simple conversation and in passing when we have been in the gardens looking over and planting what is there for now. We will need seeds and things to plant and this is all a work in progress (there have been some hiccups), we really need the kids to get involved especially over the summer holidays, but there is no them to make it happen, only us, and none of us have as much time as we would like. Together we can.

    We would love to know how we can make the tra work for everyone, baring in mind we are all volunteers and try our best to represent everyone, and to do that we need to hear from you as much as possible.

    It is for us to decide what we would like to see happen there and not for the tra or the council to send out letters telling you what to do.
    please join us, all welcome

  3. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your reply both on here and on email.
    I am more than happy to help out in the new garden in my spare time and to contribute with flowers and veg planting, like I said in my email no one quite knew what was happening in regards to the planters i.e were they going to be planted up by groundworks or if we were the ones that could plant in them, obviously residents in the surrounding area did know.
    The fact that someone has planted a dead yukka plant in one of the planters just makes a fool of the garden and one of my suggestions is that this should be removed, I spoke to the 2 ladies from groundworks last night and she did actually agree with me in regards to this.
    I agree that yes it is a nice place to sit and relax and chat which I did on Sunday in the sunshine and will continue to do in the summer hopefully along with other residents and enjoy the green space which we have, as I have done over the past with many gatherings and BBQ’s.
    I am off to get plants after my work and will look forward to planting them and seeing them flourish over the coming months/years.
    Kind regards
    Fiona Angus

    1. I have lived in Lancaster Court for 30 years and I knew absolutely nothing about this garden area being built, until I returned from holiday and saw it. I will be more than happy to spend time here but think it should be for Lancaster, Swan and Ravenscourt residents only, why should the neighbouring residents have access when surely they have the privilege of their own private gardens

  4. Fiona,

    I am surprised about your mail.You were on the Committee for a very long time and aware every activity is shared on the Estate through News letter and meetings.

    The gardening project started 2 years ago with meetings and designs. Not every one on the Estate attends as you rightly states due to working working hours.

    Please to read you are going to be part of the gardening together with other residents.

    The balcony still looks beautiful with your gardening skills.

    The next project will be the Play area and looking forward to you input with the design.

  5. Hi Marie,
    Can’t understand why you are surprised by my mail, yes I was on the committee for a long time and when I was things were shared through newsletters and meetings.
    However we have had no newsletter to say what the proposals were for the gardens and the residents that I spoke to knew nothing about the fact that they could be involved in it in anyway as like myself they had no letter/leaflet.
    I have volunteered to help out and asked when anyone knows when there is a meeting re the gardens and that I think all residents in the estate should be informed about it.
    I am sure you will have more residents involved if they were informed, not everyone knows about this web page either so maybe this should be included on your next newsletter/leaflet.
    Dawn I will keep you informed if and when I get any details.

  6. Hello Everyone
    This week’s gardening session will be planting herbs in the community garden for everyone to help themselves to as they grow, and also planting herb pots to enjoy at home.
    Please come and join us between 4 and 5.30pm this Thursday (3rd Sep).
    All welcome!
    Jane, Groundwork Project Gardener

  7. Hello Everyone
    Tomorrow afternoon we will be planting spring onions in the community garden and ‘bulb lasagne’ pots to take home so everyone can enjoy lots of flowers in the spring.
    See you tomorrow from 4-5.30 pm (Thurs 10 Sep).
    All Welcome!
    Jane, Groundwork Project Gardener

  8. Hello Everyone
    Our session tomorrow (Thurs 17 Sep) will be making kokedama – hanging Japanese moss balls – a biodegradable alternative to flower pots and hanging baskets. Come and join us from 4-5.30pm, choose a plant for your kokedama and get stuck in!
    All Welcome!
    Jane, Groundwork Project Gardener

  9. Hello Everyone
    It’s our last session tomorrow (Thurs 24 Sep) and it’s going to be multiple choice, with everything we’ve done so far on offer, so come along to plant seeds and bulbs, make a viola pot, plant a window box to take home, make a balcony herb garden, or tie a kokedama.
    All welcome!
    Jane, Groundwork Project Gardener

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