We are incredibly fortunate to have a vast green area surrounding our homes in an increasingly crowded and overpriced London, and only by sharing and using it well, will be able to keep the constantly returning spectre of redevelopment at bay.

We are finally at the second stage of our exciting new project.
Before we all jump in and plant things everywhere, it’s probably best we get some kind of plan together, so that we are all aware of what’s best for the project and we are not each inventing the wheel.
There are many years of fun to be had especially if we get the foundation right.

We will be having a community gardener coming to help us put a solid plan together and it’s really important we get things ready for the kids to really jump in during the summer holidays.
So far we have shane, fiona, alan, gil and the twins, simon and ben, (who is a trained landscape gardener latin names and all). Let’s keep talking and by the summer we should all be clear whats what and things will be growing nicely.
Please sign up on the form below just so we can get started..

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  1. Hello Everyone
    This week’s gardening session will be planting herbs in the community garden for everyone to help themselves to as they grow, and also planting herb pots to enjoy at home.
    Please come and join us between 4 and 5.30pm this Thursday (3rd Sep).
    All welcome!
    Jane, Groundwork Project Gardener

  2. Hello Everyone
    It’s our last session tomorrow (Thurs 24 Sep) and it’s going to be multiple choice, with everything we’ve done so far on offer, so come along to plant seeds and bulbs, make a viola pot, plant a window box to take home, make a balcony herb garden, or tie a kokedama.
    All welcome!
    Jane, Groundwork Project Gardener

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