Lancaster Court TRA

Lancaster Court has a vibrant and active community association where all are welcome to help make Lancaster Court a home we can be proud of.
Together we have found we can really make a positive difference to our estate and enjoy  extending our friendships beyond the walls of our homes and out into the spaces we share.

We have already successfully bid for various grants and initiatives to improve the fabric of our estate and by bringing our individual ideas to our regular meetings perhaps we can make our estate a shining model of communal living.

Our meetings are held on the first of every month at 7PM in the community hall Lancaster Court, please join us.

The new Garden areas
Welcome to the new community gardens which have been put together with public money, for the benefit of the whole neighborhood, especially those living on Lancaster Court.
Having a communal space is an ideal chance for everyone in our community to contribute, meet up and be welcome.
we’ve not had time to write a pamphlet or letter or anything yet, but have have managed to get the gardens built after a three year effort. It’s a good start.
Its here for the long haul (fingers crossed) and I’m hoping we will all work together to make it as we want it, and by next year we hope to have everyone digging, planting, weeding, having a chat, or just hanging out.
We can have a real precious place where we can all meet and see what we can do next in our communal areas, for everyone’s well being, as well as simply to get to know each other, picnic, play, and pass the time of day.
How would you like the garden to be run and can you help us do it?
Perhaps you can put some ideas and post them on the website?
would you like to form a club, or simply be casual about it, perhaps communicate thru the website and a garden notice board.
It’s all to be decided at this stage and there is lots lots more to come if we keep on gently pushing together.

This website is a communal project and is in it’s very easy stages., we are still joining the dots. if you would like to help  then please contact us


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